The Redditch History Online

With the creation of the Redditch Local History Museum at 5 Market Place in the town centre, and within the museum the Redditch Historic Archives, work has begun in collecting and cataloguing artefacts representing Redditch Local History.

As this work progresses, the data collected is being used in two ways:

  • Firstly it is being used to create exhibits in the museum for visitors to enjoy
  • Secondly it is being interpreted for electronic display, both on touch screens within the museum and, where copyright restrictions allow, on-line.

This Site

This site provides the the vehicle for displaying that informations.

It is being organised into a series of Galleries, each gallery covering a specific area of local history and, within each gallery, there are topic specific to that area.

Obviously this is a major undertaking to create this detail and so this site will progressively grow oven time as more data is processed.

Your Help

The more volunteers we have helping with this process, the more data will be processed and the quicker the growth of this site will be.

Please help us if you can. Visit the Volunteer page on the Museum site for more details of volunteering at the museum.

Funding The Archives